Marzipan Candy Logs by Hermine’s Old World Confections

The unique combination of almond and chocolate flavors come together in wonderfully appetizing harmony with Hermine’s Marzipan Candy Logs.

Marzipan Candy Logs

This is a very generous helping of marzipan, covered in dark chocolate. Our marzipan is soft and flavorful, never hard and dried out as is often the case with lesser product containing fillers and an excess of inexpensive sugar. It has a high content of finely ground nutmeat, and is just sweet enough to be satisfying without tasting syrupy. The almond and chocolate flavor is delicious with the complimentary taste of coffee, as are all our marzipan products.

Marzipan Candy Log – One Log (6 oz.) – $15 plus shipping and handling.

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Hermine’s Old World Confections
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