Decorative Marzipan Candy Ring by Hermine’s Old World Confections

Accent your informal gathering or fancy dinner with Hermine’s delicious and decorative Marzipan Candy Ring.

Marzipan Candy Ring

An ideal hostess gift, the Marzipan Ring is suitable for up to 25 people when served in thin slices. Presented individually in this way on a small dish, the extra fine marzipan surrounded by rich dark chocolate looks wonderful and is the perfect complement to coffee or other refreshments. The ring’s embossed top and colorful flower accents make an elegant presentation that is well suited for both informal gatherings and fancy dinners. Why not buy two, one for the party and one for the family to enjoy later.

Marzipan Candy Ring, 11.5 oz., $25.00 plus shipping and handling.

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