Lebkuchen Hearts in Chocolate by Hermine’s Old World Confections

Lebkuchen is the oldest Marzipan Candy originating in Germany, and is made available to you in it’s most delicious form by Hermine’s Old World Confections.

Lebkuchen Hearts in Chocolate

Another mainstay, this perennial favorite is based on the traditional German honeycake or cookie. It consists mainly of honey, five different spices and unbleached flour. Lebkuchen was developed in Germany in the 14th century to be a naturally-preserved food for traveling monks. To the small heart shapes that Hermine makes for her version, she then adds a delicious covering of dark chocolate that enhances the honey and spice taste, and tops it off with an almond which has been hand roasted by in her kitchen. Also you can special order many larger sizes of lebkuchen hearts, as well as simple rectangles, covered in either chocolate or with a plain lemon glaze, and nicely decorated with almonds. Hermine’s lebkuchen products are certified by the National Honey Board and they proudly display their mark.

Lebkuchen Hearts – One Bag (5 oz.) – $8.50 plus shipping and handling.

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